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Help Out Hospo

May 21, 2020

It's not just organic producers that are suffering during these hard times, it's also the people that work in pubs, bars, and restaurants that use those producers as their suppliers.

“Working from home isn't an option for the hospitality industry and so incomes have just dried up.” says Jason Jelichich, CX director for Momento Hospitality group.

COVID-19 has smashed the hospitality industry, and while some workers have had the blessing of job-keeper, casual staff and visa holders have nothing to fall back on. That's why Momento created Help Out Hospo, which aims to support disadvantaged hospitality workers through these tough times while also providing an amazing at-home experience for the everyday Aussie.

To do this Help Out Hospo has created a series of videos featuring hospitality big hitters like Matt Moran and Neil Perry that give you the inside scoop on industry secrets. There are classes on everything, from making top-shelf cocktails to creating amazing dishes made from local Australian produce. Classes start from just $10 with all profits going directly to hospitality workers in need.

Jason says that &lqduo;social distancing and self-isolation mean that Aussies can be creative on dining out at home while supporting their favourite restaurants. Help Out Hospo empowers Aussies to improve their home experiences during this time of solitude while paying forward to the hospitality industry.”

Through all this, they've managed to help out people like Christina, who said

“After working and paying tax, and an extortionate amount of money on visas in Australia for years, I felt very let down by the government when they excluded me from any financial support, and did not lift my visa restrictions on work. ‘Go Home’ was not an option for me. The UKs COVID19 rates are so high that it's like sending a lamb to slaughter. My life is here, my apartment, my fiancé, 5 years' worth of life and work, relationships and friendships. I cannot leave that so easily.”

Help out Hospo is hoping to raise $100,000 to support the hospitality industry through this current crisis, but after everything has returned to normal, they don't intend to shut the program down. Jason says they want to look long-term and help hospitality workers who fall on hard times down the line.

As for the recovery of the hospitality industry, it seems like it might take a long time before we return to something that even resembles what a drink at your local bar used to be like.

“It will be at least three months until we can start to trade with even 50% capacity, and even then, it's tough. So, it will likely be into next year before we get any semblance of normality.” says Jason.

So, if you're a hospitality business or worker in need, or if you're looking for a way to support the hospitality industry through these tough times, head to https://www.helpouthospo.com.au